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Chics in the Male (click to zoom in)

Over $20,000 LTE.
 Silver Certificate NRHA
 ROM Reining AQHA
 Five Grand Champion Bronzes
and more ...

With very limited showing, this incredible horse was 4th in the Nation in Novice Horse Open when I bought him as a coming 5 year old. He was the favorite at the Congress as a 3 year old, but lucky for me, the trainer put him off pattern....lucky because he probably would have been sold to someone else. Out of the hundreds of stopping pictures of Bubba, there isn't one that his ears are not pricked straight forward, he is just so pleased to be doing his job.
Once in a very long while, a horse comes along that exemplifies the desired characteristics of his breed. Chics in the Male is such an individual. A huge kind eye set in a wide, intelligent forehead forecasts his exceptional disposition and learning ability. Exemplary conformation that won him 6 grand champion bronzes in Amateur halter over much larger, heavier muscled types at the Canadian National Championships and a flowing stride's not surprising that although at 10 years of age he is past his prime as a reiner, I still want to take him out and show him off. 

Last year we won the NRHA NonPro Bronze at Red Deer with a 73 1/2 with just 3 days riding after breeding season. And even more amazing, while I was running my mare in the same class, he skinned off his halter, and came sauntering up to the rail to watch, through about 25 milling horses without making a peep!  Easy to live with, easy to look at, this wonderful stallion is passing all of his best attributes on to his progeny. I feel privileged to have such a horse share my time and space.  (See Bubba's babies!)

Although we knew that after 20 years of producing genetically exceptional offspring CHICS IN THE MALE had no problems with genetic disease, we had him tested. The results were as expected, absolutely N/N on all 5 test panels. (See test results)

Sunglade Ranch:  Box 35, Site 2, RR 2, Sundre, AB, Canada T0M 1X0
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***NEW pricing for 2010...
$1500 plus GST LFG. Price still includes 2 weeks mare care and one ultrasound or shipping of cooled semen. Multiple mare discounts available***

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Shipped Cool and Frozen
Semen Available
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View Bubba's cool semen contract
View Bubba's frozen semen contract

Care of Your Pregnant Mare
View Care of Your Pregnant Mare (PDF)

Progesterone Levels in Older Mares
View Progesterone Levels in Older Mares (PDF)

Arnie and Smart

A 30 month old Bubba baby  "Chics Smart Command" demonstrates his talent

Sauna and Whisper

Wildwood Whisperin' from first foal crop showing 
the signature "Bubba" stop won the prestigious 
Canadian Supreme Open Three Year Old.  

bubba conformation (click to zoom in)

Exemplary conformation

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