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Congratulations to Laureen Little on her purchase of this wonderful young mare. By the way they are getting along, it seems to be "love at first sight!" Fair is always waiting for Laureen to come ride.

2009 chestnut filly "SG FAIR LITTLE CHIC" (Fair) out of FS Lucky Taters by CHICS IN THE MALE. We sold her full brother as a two year old and the folks LOVE him as he is so quiet and talented. This girl is prettier and a little more sassy. Really smart and loves to be worked with.

Update: Fair now has about 3 months riding and she is just like her full brother...laid back, talented and pretty. She is an extremely strong mare, smooth mover and easy to ride. AND...she LOVES tracking a cow. We've had her on the flag and she is exceptionally smart. Love this mare.

This pic is is of her with 2 months riding as a 2 year old.

wonder1.jpg wonder1.jpg


2005 chestnut filly "SG Wonder Chic" by Chics in the Male and out of the great producer Dainty Doc Otoe. She is an embryo baby and she is beautiful, with her doll head and big hip. Wonder has got her sire's wonderful disposition and tons of athletic ability. She will finish about 14'3".

*January 2008 Update: This easy-going and talented mare is a joy to ride and train. She is very accepting, has a natural head set and will stop deep. She has a fluid turnaround. She will turn darker chestnut every year and is a picture with her big blaze and matched hind socks.

*October 2009 Update: I sent WONDER to Amanda in Wayne Latimer's training barn in July just so she could have some regular training and get out to a few shows just to see how she handles the show pen. Well, this stopping picture is from her first show...see for yourself! She's talented, beautiful and very, very kind.




Smart: SG Smart Enterprise 2008 Chestnut Gelding

After his ground schooling in the fall, we have put about 10 rides on this! He is so feely and yet solid minded at the same time. He has absolutely no buck in him and already is giving soft in the face and picking up both leads. And is he SMOOTH for a baby. Really has his feet under him. I put him on the flag and after about 10 turns he was stopping on his own on the ends.

smoke2006head.JPG (80766 bytes) smoke2006head.JPG (80766 bytes)

2006 Bay Filly "SG Canadian Chics Rule" (Rule) Dainty Doc Otoe by Chics In The Male

This stunning filly is the last baby we have out of this wonderful mare and she is just like all the rest... pretty, talented, and intelligent. She will be a good turnaround horse and huge stopper and will likely finish between 14'3" and 15'



Lucky: SG Lucky Bottom Male 2007 Chestnut Gelding

Cow folks...look at this bottom side. If you know your cutting horses, you know that Jody Fairfax beat the pants off Little Peppy and that Lucky Bottom Ann was one of the greatest mares in cutting horse history. I looked long and hard for a mare bred like this! We lost the first baby out of this dam FS Lucky Taters by CHICS IN THE MALE so I am very excited to start this colt and have him go on. He was exceptional in his ground work this fall. I especially like his conformation...strong back, big hip and hind leg and of course his daddy's big blaze! He's kind and smart too.

2004 Stallion Prospect out of Dainty Doc Otoe.  This gorgeous, athletic gelding has been ridden since Januray and is ready to go to your trainer for futurity finishing. He is going to have a plus one turnaround, that big "Bubba" stop and is sweet, sweet...
SG Chic O Dude

Ms Badger Grand 1987 Brown mare out of Fingerlickin Goody and by Docs San Badger This gorgeous mare taught us most of what we know about reining at Sunglade. Lynne's first reining horse, this mare carried her to a Canadian National Championship, a Morrison Bronze, ARCHA Championship, ROM reining, Senior Reining Horse Champion, Alberta, Amateur Reining Champion, Alberta, 4 Grand Champion Halter Bronzes and much more....Her first baby by Bubba won the Reining Alberta Maturity. Incredibly gentle and kind,  this mare passes on her great heart.
Ms Badger Grand (Winner) Ms Badger Grand

Dainty Doc Otoe 1991 Bay Mare out of Mont Sue Bars and by Doc Otoes Dude.  As a three year old, this mare beat 4 and 5 year olds in Junior reining. A huge stopper, she out slid every stallion in the arena more than once. We have had trouble keeping her in foal but when she produced...whow! Her first colt was the high selling horse ($11,000 more than the next entry) at the Reining Alberta Select Sale. Her next colt is advertised here and is superior to her first one. We have her on Progesterone this year and have our fingers crossed for a Bubba filly.
Danity Doc Otoe

Kel Don Major 1992 bay mare out of Kilebob and by Major Bonanza  Lynne broke her policy of proven broodmares only when she purchased this mare. Injured as a yearling, this mare, with her exceptional confirmation and movement, was bred to win. Her oldest foal, advertised here, is typical of her offspring....gorgeous and athletic.
Price $5,000 CAD (app $3,500US) - SOLD

Badgeranza 1995 sorrel stallion out of HyVista Star by Solanos Peppy San. Bred before Sunglade Ranch acquired Chics in the Male, this great colt was the fifth highest selling horse in the Two Year Old Select Sale at OKC and the only one to come back to the finals the following year.
SOLD!....Bought by the "Badgeranza Extravaganza" of California and shown by Craig Schmersal is presently leading the AQHA Senior Reining!


No Junk Male 1996 bay gelding out of Ms Badger Grand by Chics in the Male
This big strong fella has won over $3500 and is the same every time in the pen. His incredible disposition makes him suitable for everything from a youth horse to good non pro. He also likes cattle and loves to pull.
$15,000 CAD + GST (app $10,000US) - SOLD
Junk - Click to enlarge Junk - Click to enlarge

Chics On The Run
CHICS ON THE RUN (Latte) 1997 Chestnut mare by Chics in the Male and out of a Watch Joe Jack bred mare. We purchased this beautiful and talented mare mostly because she looks so much like her daddy and looks so good in the show pen. She sure is fun to ride. Her former owner did not get much time to show her so her NRHA earnings of about $1200.00 are certainly less than what they could be. She can plus every maneover. She is a more intense than most of the other Bubba Babies and is always ready. You can really crank her up but she comes back really quick. She's quick-footed and hard stopping. Her lead changes are right on every time. If you are just getting into reining, this girl could teach you a lot. But you can also step her up into higher competition. Arnie showed her carefully for the first time last fall and scored a 71 1/2 in an open class. We've shown her cattle and she waded right into the herd. She is not flighty and does not spook. She is very focused. She will make a great broodmare. 
Congratulations to Mr.Thomas Tucker of Louisianna on his purchase of this beautiful and kind mare. Mr.Tucker looked extensively through Oklahoma and Texas before purchasing this Bubba daughter. "A mare like this would be $50 to $60 thousand US down here, and tough to find." Latte will be teaching Tom and Cammie to rein in the Senior divisions!
LatteRear.JPG (22028 bytes) LynneLatteSpinRedDeer.jpg (54698 bytes)

LynneLatteStopRedDeer.jpg (48041 bytes)

Chics Smart Command 1997 sorrel gelding out of Lynx Chicha Command (by Cassel Docs Okie by Doc N Willy) and by
Chics in the Male. This pretty gelding is a tremendous athlete with the signature "Bubba stop" and silky lead changes. He has been shown sparingly. As Arnie's personal horse, he got rode last. This colt could be tremendous in the working cow horse pen. He's quick, intelligent and looks good doing it.
$12,000 CAD (app. $8,000US) - SOLD
Smartstop (click on photo to enlarge)

Doc My Chex 1997 Brown Stallion out of Dainty Doc Otoe by Peppy Badger Chex
A stunning and athletic colt, this sire prospect will be presented at the first Reining Alberta Select sale. He is riding well, stopping and turning around on a loose rein.
SOLD  "High selling horse at $17,500.00

Booger - click to enlarge

Eh Paul Wanna Chic 1998 Bay gelding out of Big M Paula Chick and by Chics in the Male
Sweet natured to the extreme, strong built and hard stopping, this gelding will make a nice Futurity horse in the limited classes. He has a correct, soft turnaround, solid changes and lovely barn manners.
$15,000 CAD  (app $10,000US) - SOLD



A Chic By Male 1998 sorrel stallion out of HyVista Star and by Chics In The Male. This incredible colt is typical of Star's offspring. He is her best so far, amazingly physical, he needs deep ground to work best. A huge stopper and big turnaround, watch for him in the Futurities.
$20,000 CAD (app.$14,000US)
SOLD to Andy Williams, Calgary Alberta

Chic by Male

The Male Lead 1999  sorrel gelding out of HyVista Star by Chics in the Male
Out of our best mare, this big strong fella just kept growing. Now about 15'3". He is a gorgeous mover, changes leads, turns around, hard stopper and loves cows. Very laid back. Perfect for all round, open shows and ranch work.
$8000 CAD (app. $5000US) - SOLD



Male Train 1999 chestnut stallion prospect out of Dainty Doc Otoe by Chics in the Male  
A beautiful colt with exceptional head and neck and huge hip to go along with his huge stop. He doesn't know he's a stud, laid back and very talented. We only leave the best  as stallions. He's one of them.
$15,000 CAD (app.$10,000US) - SOLD
Big Bird Bird at 25 months

Bride by Male Order 1999 bay filly out of Ms Badger Grand and by Chics in the Male
When both your dam and your sire are reining champions with exceptional dispositions, you can't help but be top quality. This beautiful filly is both sweet and exceptionally athletic. Doing everything right.
$10,000 CAD (app.$7,000US) obo
SOLD!  Going to Wayne Latimer Training stables for 2002 Futurities

Bride at 24 months


Fan Male For Bubba 1999 bay filly out of Kel Don Major and by Chics in the Male
This pretty mare was riding well until she broke the sesmoid bone in her foot. We have turned her out since her 2 year old year. She has not taken a lame step in over a year but is for sale as broodmare sound only. Bred to the nines, she will help any stallion. She has a gorgeous hip.
$5000.00 CAD (app.$3500US) - SOLD
Fanhead.jpg (49068 bytes) Fanride.jpg (64883 bytes)

Pauls Emale 1999 bay gelding out of
Big M Paula Chick and by Chics in the Male
I love this horse and hate to put him up for sale but I have more coming up that need my time. This has been my personal horse and we have done a lot including camping in the mountains, group trail rides, sleeping in stalls together as well as the usual reining and some working cow horse. I kept him because of his athletic ability. He needs an experienced rider because he's so quick. He would have made a great cutter. He's got a lot of look and feel and loves to be worked on cattle a lot. He can really run down the fence and turns hard. Like all the Bubba's, he's a huge stopper, has a pretty turnaround and likes to run fast circles. He likes to run hard to his stops. With the right jockey, he could be a world class working cow horse.

LynneApolloSpinRedDeer.jpg (67436 bytes)

LynneApolloStopBlacklands.jpg (48270 bytes)

Apolloprofile.jpg (59645 bytes)

Male Dot Calm 2000 sorrel stallion out of Ms. Badger Grand
This big, pretty colt has loads of chrome and like all of Grand's babies, lives up to his name. With his extremely trainable mind, he is coming along very well in his training and tries so hard to please. Very smooth to ride, he is a long mover and hard stopper. 
Stallion price $12,000 (app.8,000US) 
Gelding price $8,000 (app.$5,500US) - SOLD
Calmhead2Aug02.JPG (34948 bytes) CalmtrotAug02.JPG (31082 bytes)

Shes Got Male 2000 Bay filly out of Kel Don Major  
This beautiful filly is very talented and feely. 

Her conformation is exceptional. Coming along nicely, she is a beautiful mover and hard stopper. 

$12,000 CAD (app.$8000US) - SOLD
Shezahead2Aug02.JPG (33634 bytes) Shezalope2Aug02.JPG (32619 bytes)


Starry Eyed Chic 2000 sorrel mare out of the wonderful HY VISTA STAR and by CHICS IN THE MALE.
Well, just when I was getting worried because this athletic, pretty mare didn't really like reining, we finally found her nitch...she loves working cattle, BIG TIME and is so aggressive on a cow, she almost put Arnie off the other day (we'll send you the tape to prove it).  And all this after only a dozen times or so on cattle. This mare is going to be a really good sorter or penner. She should have been put on cattle as a two year old.  She would be peeling their hides off by this time.  And with her breeding and looks, she will be a proud addition to your broodmare band when she is finished carrying you to the winner's circle.  

Blossumhead1.JPG (42405 bytes) Blossumtrotfuzz.JPG (25062 bytes)

Stop The Male "Stop" 2002 Sorrel Gelding
Out of Kel Don Major and by Chics in the Male, this is a nice, nice colt. He is extremely good minded, athletic, strong built with a long stride.  He's a big stopper, can really run and has a very soft mouth. He has enough reining training to start him on cattle. This picture is his 3rd time on a cow. He's locked on and real ready. He's quick and athletic and has alot of look.  I think he's going to be really good in the working cow horse pen with some experience. And he's like silk to ride. With his gorgeous movement you could take him to an open show and he would shine in English pleasure. 
He will finish about 15 to 15 1.
Stophead1.JPG (34364 bytes)    
stoplope.jpg (35137 bytes)

StopcowFeb05.jpg (41800 bytes)

The Masqued Male 2002 Stallion Prospect out of the wonderful HyVista Star and by Chics in the Male. All we said was "WOW" when this boy hit the ground. If you like chrome, put on your sunglasses.Three white socks, a huge blaze, flazen mane and tail and gorgeous conformation and disposition. And, get this...double registered AQHA and Paint! That means that after he establishes himself as a great performer, any AQHA mare bred to him will produce a baby that is eligible for both AQHA and Paint futurities. Double the money, double the fun! Chics In The Male has produced 100% color on Paint and Appalosa mares so this boy probably will too. He will be developed for the NRHA Futurity Sale in OKC and the price will go up as we ride him.
$20,000 CAD (app $15,000US)

SOLD!  to Leonard and Jackie McElhaney of South Dakota

First reaction of new owners on delivery of Masque at his new home..
"Boy does he have a pretty head. He is smooth-made pretty. Looks like he will fill out real nice. He rode great all the way from Canada. He is playing in the round pen and moves quick and real smooth." Jackie and Leonard McElhaney, South Dakota
masque.jpg (75823 bytes) masque1.jpg (78303 bytes)


Male The Dude A Chic 2002 Chestnut filly.
This exciting, gorgeous filly is our best prospect from this foal crop. Out of Dainty Doc Otoe and by Chics in the Male (of course) she had a natural head set, soft mouth, beautiful movement, and is stopping hard, turning around on a loose rein and changing leads like silk. And is only two....Doodles has an incredible disposition. She is top drawer....
Doodleshead3aug04.JPG (27099 bytes)

Doodlesside1aug04.JPG (33245 bytes)

Doodleswork.JPG (43899 bytes)

Doodlestrot.JPG (25602 bytes)

Good Luck Jodi "Jodi"
2004 sorrel filly out of FS Lucky Taters by FS Goodbye Darwin.
Well, I bought a two year old filly in '03 that was a complete outcross to Bubba, brought her home and started riding her. She kept getting fatter...yes, she was pregnant!!  The next January, she had this cute little thing. So Jodi has messed up her mother's show career but she is pretty nice!  She is line-bred Leo and goes to GoodBye Sam and Lucky Bottom Ann more than once.  She is going to be short, stout, athletic and really good minded.  And look at the flaxen mane!! With her bloodlines, she should be able to cut big time.  Since she was a product of a teenaged pregnancy, we are looking for a good home for her and will let her go real reasonable $3,000 Can.(app.$2,200US) OBO - Contact us!
jodihead.jpg (58345 bytes) Jodistout.JPG (24617 bytes)

Mail Order Pistol 
2004 chestnut filly
out of My Pepperbox Pistol (by Too Much Pepper) and of course, by Chics in the Male.
Owned by Merrill Thompson from Lethbridge area, this gorgeous filly is also for sale. She's performance bred top and bottom. 
Please contact Merrill direct if you are interested
Mail Order Pistol.jpg (27698 bytes)

2004 Sorrel Gelding "SG Chic of the Litter" by Chics in the Male and out of the venerable HyVista Star. This is the last baby out of this great producer. Star has been a cornerstone of my breeding program and this last baby is like all the rest...gorgeous and talented. He is VERY laid back, loves to stop and is very correct in his turnaround. He will finish at 15 hands and is he pretty. He's a deep sorrel with roan hair even all through his coat. He'll darken as he gets older. With his big blaze on that pretty head, he's a picture! - Contact us

*Update: Lites was with Dale Clearwater on cattle for three months and although he was very cowy and one of the biggest stopping horses Dale has ever rode, he is just too laid back to be a top working cow horse.So he is back home, loping beautiful circles and stopping HARD!

Litesturn2006.JPG (385548 bytes) Litestrot12006.JPG (107584 bytes)

"SG Just Male De Chex" (Chex)
2006 Chestnut Stallion
A colt has to be very special for us to offer it as a stallion prospect. This colt out of Majorita Peppy is everything you could ask for... gorgeous, wonderful dispostition, intelligent and exceptionally athletic. His full brother, Jets, has just gone to Duane Latimer for his derby year. This colt might be even better. We would prefer that this colt go to a show home, he is a spectacular individual.
chex1.jpg chex2.jpg

2005  chestnut filly "SG Bringthechicarita" by Chics in the Male and out of Majorita Peppy by Peppy Badger Chex. This gorgeous filly has incredible conformation and is very athletic. Her mother was named for my sister Rita that died in '94 from breast cancer. I made a promise to keep naming the female line in her honor. Besides, I'm partial to margaritas and this filly is fancy, smart and pretty! She'll finish about 14'3". 
- Contact us

*Update: Started under saddle, laid back, gorgeous mover. Very athletic.

Chica2006halter.JPG (95353 bytes) chica2006head2.JPG (93833 bytes)

Abby: SG Aechy Breaky Chic 2006 Chestnut Mare

Abby is very sensitive and quick. She is extremely smart and willing and has alot of forward motion, like the other babies out of the dam Smokin Aech. This is a very nice cross on Chics In The Male for someone looking for a catty, reactive cowy horse. She is straight chestnut with a star, has no vices and has very nice ground manners. She's had about 6 months riding in her two year old year. Her full brother Smoke is doing extremely well in the cutting pen as would be expected out of this cross.